The availability and accessibility of adequate restroom facilities is vital at any event to ensure the basic comfort of attendees. It's interesting to note, however that restrooms have evolved from a basic necessity to an important detail lending to the success of an event.

Portable Toilet For Any Event
Each event is special and has special requirements.
Big or small, GENESIS is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Portable Toilet solution for your event. Our line of products backed by years of experience will ensure that you get an exceptional experience, every time.

GENESIS offers a wide variety of Portable Toilet solutions for every situation. From standard Portable Toilets for construction sites, farms, parking lots or backyard events to upscale Portable Toilet for weddings, picnics and parties. All facilities are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and service is scheduled to suit your individual requirements

Individual Portable Toilet
Individual Portable Toilet refers to single unit restroom facilities, typically containing one toilet. Individual Portable Toilet may be used alone, in larger quantities or in combination with other equipment such as hand washing stations. Services are scheduled based on your particular needs.

The number of individual Portable Toilet needed varies based on a multitude of considerations. .

Standard – The original basic Portable Toilet.
The Standard GENESIS Portable Toilet is ideal for construction sites or casual events.

Maxim (V.I.P.) – A basic Portable Toilet with the addition of flush and wash capability.

The Maxim is the perfect upgrade to a Standard Portable Toilet and adds a more upscale feel to any casual setting.
Portable Toilet for disabled people suited for special needs and requirements.

This Portable Bathroom is also used for anyone who needs more stability or wider interior space.